Friday, January 25, 2013


Who wants to embark on a new journey with me? I call it the #BetterMeChallenge

#BetterMeChallenge is a push into the right direction; it is an all-around lifestyle change which will  result in a happier, healthier, & more positive individual. Are you ready?

#BetterMeChallenge ranges from a hours to months, but we're starting out small.

   Weekend of January 25, 2013 (Friday through Sunday):

1.   Say nothing negative about anyone
2.  Eat no fast food
3.  Choose one goal & detail how you will accomplish it

Feel free to utilize the hashtag on Twitter: #BetterMeChallenge & even tweet me (@GLAMd0lll) to let me know how you are coming along!

Good luck, everyone <3

Monday, December 31, 2012

Quick Update!

Hello everyone, just a quick update.

I have been a little consumed in my Winter Break, so I have not posted anything. I actually ordered a Lily Pulitzer planner and was so excited make a post detailing how I was organizing my life for 2013, but I accidentally ordered a monthly planner instead of a weekly planner so I am pushing that post back!

In other news, I purchased a MacBook Pro, so be on the look out for a post about some chic laptop accessories.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year Day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Year, New Planners!

The new year is only fourteen days away. Do you realize what this means? 2013 is TWO WEEKS away! This means new resolutions, new promises to ourselves, new habits, new loves, new outlooks, and new hope. I love when a new year rolls around because it is a much needed fresh start; after twelve months of hard work and ups & downs, it feels great to have a new year roll around.

I think the best way to welcome 2013 is with an open and organized mind. First, let me address my open mind theory: to be open-minded means to be open and receptive to new ideas. Many people make resolutions, yet do not change their ways of thinking. I strongly believe that in order to have a successful year, one must be receptive to other people, other ideas, and other methods of doing things. No one ever got anywhere by being closed minded!

Since you are now (hopefully) inspired to having an open mind, let me further inspire you to become more organized. I love planners because I love making lists and visualizing everything that I have to do. After reading this post on, I decided to become a little more organized in the new year. Kimberly has many great suggestions, including filling up your planner with every single important date you can remember (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, dates from syllabi for students, etc.) She also has other great suggestions! Make sure to check out the post.

Anyway, this all inspired me to post some stylish planners with which you can start off the new year. Finding a stylish and fashionable planner with an ample amount of writing space is quite difficult. 

Hopefully, I have made your search a tad bit easier. Check out my favorite picks here!

15 months weekly planner in this stylish, curry color from Paper Source, $29.95

8-Days-a-Week Planner, Monday through Someday; fill in dates; separated by times; $18.00

My favorite! Lily Pulitzer agenda with 17 months, beautiful colored tabs, & cute month pages; $26.00

This is actually a 17 month academic planner, but I love the way it's organized ; $11.50

Blank weekly planner, perfect for someone who wants to fill out everything themselves; made out of recycled material! $40.00 (approx.)

Who doesn't love polka dots?! Also made out of recycled material; $40.00 (approx.)

Super cute design! The gold damask is extremely stylish; $25.00

Stripes never go out of style! & I love these colors, plus it's made in the USA! $20.00

I hope this motivates and inspires you to get organized for 2013 in style!

Will you purchased a new planner for the new year? XO.


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